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Terry Bathroom Insurance Remodel



Check out the before and afters. Mrs.Terry has been an amazing customer to work with. She had a horrible experience with her mitigation/remodeling she had originally called along with her adjuster. Her insurance tried only paying her $2k for all of her repairs. (floors not shown on this page) We came in and got her all fixed up and taken care of. We could not have asked for a better customer. All Mrs. Terry wanted was for her house to be back to normal before the leak. Which is what she has insurance for, however, everyone was making that impossible for her to accomplish. She wasn't looking for the cheapest, she wasn't looking to pocket money from this claim. She only wanted her house back, we not only gave her that but our team also made it quick!  Faster than her insurance could write the checks!

---Faye and I handled insurance claim assistance

---Daniel handled the shower walls remodel and all tile work

---Tub refinished

---Lee installed a new vanity

---Lee installed the new vanity light

---Daniel installed new tile floors and baseboards

---Mariano handled the drywall repair and paint (no ceiling work)

---Tony installed the new flooring and baseboards in the bedroom


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