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Our Process

***Long Read but a MUST Read***


Are you in need of a kitchen remodel but afraid of the kitchen downtime. Are you scared of all the wait time from each subcontractor? 

With Lees Remodeling and Designs, you don’t have to worry about anything. We have an extremely skilled crew which means an extremely quick turnaround. 

Our team works together so well that all of our projects are completed relatively quick. We have so much skill in every single team member that the quality is always top notch. Not one member of our team will ever cut corners. 


Here's the process-

1. Initial quote


2. Cabinet design- Once the quote is accepted and ready to move forward, we move to the design phase. We bring Juan and Diana out to help with custom cabinet designs. They will draw it up and once accepted they will begin to build. 


3. Countertop design-- Rose will then help pick your countertops and get the countertops set aside until we are ready for final measures


4. Lee and I (Erica) are with you the entire time -- we coordinate everything, Lee is a highly skilled contractor in every area known to man. He is the one that becomes the painter if the painter is sick on paint day, or the tiler, plumber, etc... He is always there in every area to make sure everything is moving smoothly and figures out all the complicated situations. :-) He's the most skilled person I've ever met because he is one that does everything and to the highest quality imaginable. So.....what I'm saying is Lee and I are there for EVERYTHING. We make sure everything goes smoothly. 


5. Now that we have all the design done and everything chosen, we are getting an installation date from Juan and Diana for the cabinets. We go off either this date as the project date or the scheduled date our customer chooses. 


6. First day of project---- we start with demo and then get everything ready for cabinets. Normally takes 1 day and sometime a half a day. We demo and haul off everything. We make sure it’s all cleared out and ready for cabinets. 


7. Cabinet installation day---As soon as I tell Diana and Juan we are ready for cabinets- they are there that day. Not in 2 days or 2 weeks. They are there. This is how we keep our projects moving so quickly. Sometimes our demo takes only a half day. Once a kitchen is like this, we have Diana and Juan ready to install the same day as demo.


8. Countertop measuring-- Once the cabinets are installed, Rose will come the same day or the next day to measure. It all depends on what time the cabinets were finished installing. She then goes back to her shop and begins fabrication. 


9. Tile - while fabrication of countertops is happening, we begin tiling the floor which takes about 2 days with tiling and grout. 


10. Countertop installation day. Right after the tile floor is completed. The countertops come in.  Again, not days or weeks after.

The same day I say we are ready for them. 


11. Misc. parts of the project. -- countertops take about a 1/2 day. We are in there, the other half doing all the misc. Such as baseboard and transition install. Fixture install etc.. 


12. Next 2 days is backsplash install, plumbing hook up, appliance install, drill holes for handles and knobs, etc. 


13. After all of this we are ready to paint. When does paint come???? The same day we need it. Painters then prep, prime, sand,

prime again, then 2-3 coats of high-quality cabinet paint. This takes about 3 days. 


14. Final day. This day is for installing handles, caulking, applying silicone, touch ups, anything left is done this day. 


No matter the job, we make everything flow smoothly. We can take on small jobs such as 1 room of baseboards or something similar in nature. However, we also take on FULL houses. We don't pass on anything. We are highly skilled and capable of taking care of anything and our team.... Our team is just amazing. The way we flow together is something hard to come by. Everyone has their own schedule and priorities, it's really hard finding so many skilled individuals and trades working together so well. How do we do it???? We all care about the customer, we all care about our business name, we all care about each other. We have created a family and this family happens to be some of the most skilled individuals out there. 

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