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Kenny Kitchen, Floors, amd Fireplace


Get ready to be wowed by this incredible transformation! Over the course of almost 2 weeks, our team worked quickly to turn this kitchen into a magnificent masterpiece. Juan and Diana started by fabricating custom cabinets. We then booked the start day of this project on the same day these cabinets would be ready to go in. Day 1 included - demo by morning and install cabinets by lunchtime..  We made sure to create a well-organized timeline of events to ensure our customer wasn’t out of the kitchen long.  Rose then quickly got to work measuring for the beautiful new countertops which were fabricated and installed over the next few days. Tony and our flooring crew wasted no time laying down 1200 square feet of gorgeous flooring and baseboards which took only 2 days.


But that's not all! Our team worked tirelessly to add all the finishing touches to make this kitchen truly special in just under 2 weeks. We had Lee install a new microwave and faucet in the kitchen along with a new toilet, and pedestal sink in the powder room, while Daniel and his skilled tiling crew added beautiful backsplash, fireplace, and powder room tiles in just 2 days.


The icing on the cake was provided by Mariano and our skilled painting crew who devoted several days to prepping and painting the cabinets. The result is simply stunning!


We also ensured that everything was flawless by conducting thorough touch-ups and quality checks on day 11. This transformation is a true testament to our team's passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces.

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